Day 74 – Thankful for A Christmas Story

11 Dec

Today I am thankful for A Christmas Story.


I swear I’ve watched this movie at least once a year every year for the better part of two decades.  It started as a Christmas tradition at my grandparents house and is now a staple of our family Christmas movie viewing.

How can you not be thankful for a movie that takes you back in time.  I can still remember where I would lay on the carpet in the middle of the living room (the carpet that Grandma insisted she continued to pull Nerds out of years after Nick and I’d spilled them).  Sometimes it was just a couple of us, sometimes there were a ton of us.  Either way, we’d laugh at all the same jokes year after year.


How can you not be thankful for a movie that is so ingrained in your mind that you can’t watch for more than 3 minutes without finishing a quote or two in your head…  Major award.  Triple dog dare you.  A crummy commercial?  Soap poisoning.  You’ll shoot your eye out!


How can you not be thankful for a movie that can take the edge off of a stressful day?  Regardless of the mood you’re in I’d challenge anyone to stay in a bad mood while watching this movie.


You know why I’m most thankful for it today?  We’re enjoying it as a family.  There are different jokes that each of us get, but we can all get them together.  We’re giving each other a hard time when we see one of our lovable faults and flaws in the characters on the scene.  We’re enjoying some chillaxing family time.


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