Day 72 – Thankful for People Who Do Right

09 Dec

Today I am thankful for people who do right.

Yesterday I was at the dentist for my twice a year cleaning and I had a different hygienist than usual.  I’m kind of ornery about certain things (you may have noticed) and one of the things that kind of gets me fired up is unnecessary medical stuff.  So guess my response when my new hygienist says that it’s time for my bite wing x-rays.

Really?  My teeth are fine, there’s nothing wrong with them, just clean them and let me out of here came out of my mouth as “no thanks, I’ll skip them this time.”  No need, my teeth are fine, no need to rack up another charge regardless of whether or not my insurance will pay it.  She said okay, we moved on and that was that.

After some more small talk and a little bit of inspection in my mouth she says, “I know you don’t want the x-rays and I totally get that.  I ‘d really like to have you get one, just one.  There’s a problem area that was a little off a year and a half ago and I’d like to make sure it’s not getting worse, but I’m afraid it is.  Can we please just check out that one area?”  I relented.  “Okay, we can do the one.”

While it’s a good thing I said yes, it was an even better that she pushed me to do it.  Turns out this guy has his first cavities in over 20 years!  And they were in a spot that wasn’t readily apparent and it would have probably caused some nasty issues like an abscess tooth.  She saved the day!

But as the title says, I’m not thankful for her finding it, I’m thankful for her doing what was right.  She understood my preferences and could have taken my no as final.  She could have shrugged it off as me being cheap and moved on with her day.  She didn’t though.  She had a potentially awkward conversation because it was the right thing to do.  She knew it was in my best interest to get the X-ray done.  She had taken the time to really examine not just what I had in my mouth today, but she looked up my health history and took time to think about what I really needed.  She did what I would hope any health care professional would do, she did right.


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