Day 70 – Thankful for the Express Christmas Party

07 Dec

Today I am thankful the Express Christmas Party.

Every year like clockwork I’ve gone to our Christmas party for 16 years and every year I have an excellent time.  My perspective has changed as I’ve gone from a Staffing Consultant to where I am now, but it’s still the same great time.


It’s a wonderful opportunity to see many of the people we talk with occasionally but don’t but a couple of times each year.  We spend more time talking about our families and personal lives than work stuff.  We get caught up on old conversations.  We get to meet and get to know the spouses of our team members and share some of the great stories from throughout the year.

We have a nice reception and happy hour, a gift exchange amongst all of us, a great meal, share presentations of each offices’ year, have a gift drawing, and wrap it up with a DJ.

While all of that is great, you know what I appreciate the most about our Christmas party?  It’s a great way to show our appreciation for our excellent team members. They work so hard all year long and do such a great job.  While I’m not always the best at showing ongoing appreciation for all that they do, this party helps hammer home the point of just how much I appreciate each of them.  The smiles on their faces are the coolest gift I could get from them.


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