Day 69 – Thankful Perfect Timing

06 Dec

Today I am thankful for perfect timing.

We just got home from our Express Christmas party tonight, hence the late blog post.  The party was excellent and a great time, pretty sure when I’m more awake there will be a blog post about it. 🙂

The thing that kept popping up in my head today was perfect timing.  Dominic and I were talking last week about rams and how cool of an animal they are.  We both thought of the time we were in Colorado on vacation and were fortunate enough to snap this picture:


The funny thing is that I was just trying to take a pic of the herd that was right in front of us.  Just as I snapped the shot there was a loud cracking noise as the two hit heads.  Sure enough, we got the collision on film (or on the memory card…).  How’s that for some pretty perfect timing?

You know what’s kind of interesting though?  While it was perfect timing to get that shot, it would have been perfect timing to get a shot of the herd.  If that collision would’ve never happened it would have been an awesome picture.  The long and short of it was, the concept of perfect timing is, well, imperfect.  It’s purely the perspective we take of the situation.

Whether or not the timing feels perfect or not is completely up to us to decide.  Our perspective is what determines that feeling, not luck.  It is about what we do with the time, not getting lucky.  How many times in life have I thought that something happened at the perfect time or that something couldn’t have happened at a worse time?  In each of those situations I need to do a better job of taking a moment to set my perspective correctly to truly appreciate the event itself and choose the appropriate reaction to it.

So tonight I’m thankful for perfect timing for reminding me there is no such thing, just the way I choose to view a specific situation.



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