Day 68 – Thankful for Rotary Lights

05 Dec

Today I’m thankful for Rotary Lights.

How do I know that it’s Christmas time?  Rotary Lights is usually a pretty good clue.  For well over a decade Becky and I have been going to see the La Crosse Rotary Lights.  

Every year I’m more impressed with just how many lights and displays they have set up, it is amazing!  While the lights are awesome, they are not my favorite part of the event.

My favorite part is spending time with my family during this family tradition.  The boys get to talk with Santa.  

Gavin went on and on and on and on and on and on about the Legos he wants.

 And even though Dominic may now be “in the know” he still had a pretty big smile on his face.
 As we walked through looking at everything we have a great time as a family.  We make many of the same jokes every year about the sales displays.  We have the same disagreements about whether or not a certain display was here last year.  We wander and enjoy and spend time together.  That’s what makes the night magical.

The lights are all types of awesome, but quality family time along with child like wonder are what it’s all about.


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