Day 66 – Thankful for New Running Music

03 Dec

Today I’m thankful for new running music.

So I finally got my lazy butt out of bed early to run this morning.  Got all my cold weather gear on, put the contacts in, ear buds went in, and then…

Decisions, decisions…  Something fast and fun like Weezer?  Nah, listened to it too many times recently.  Something dark and brooding like Stabbing Westward?  Nope, not quite right.  A little techno, Deadmau5?  Just not right for the morning.


I just downloaded this little guy and haven’t listened to it yet, will it come through for me?  Nothing worse than a crappy playlist while running…


And boom goes the dynamite!  PERFECT for the run this morning.  Fun, fast, great riffs, good good stuff.  From the first tracks starting off in a quickly intense way to a warm California feeling song with craptastically entertaining lyrics, it was spot on.  I couldn’t have hoped for any better music to get my engine moving this morning.

Perfect music for a great early morning run!  Now the only question is what’s on tap for tomorrow???


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