Day 64 – Thankful for Rocks

01 Dec

Today I’m thankful for…  Rocks???

Yup, totally.  For reals.  I’m thankful for rocks today.

Over the Thanksgiving break we were digging through the rock pile at my dad’s and had an hour or so of fun looking at the rocks.  It was great!  Nothing but digging around and looking at all the cool treasures all around us.  Here’s a couple we found that were particularly awesome.  If anyone has a clue as to what we found that’d be great.  In the meantime I’ll use my very less than scientific terms.

Look at the layers and layers on this thing!  How cool is that???  How much pressure and time was needed to squish it all into one rock?  How many layers of history are in there?

This one almost looks like a coppery nugget.  We’re pretty sure the green is from the water & acidity in the dirt.

Not sure what these are, but I’m going with either fossils or half formed crystals.

While many of the rocks either had a chunk of quartz inside or had a vein of some other mineral, this was the only one I saw with a vein of Quartz running through it.  It’s tough to see in the pic but that is a clear vein of Quartz running through it.

And this is the one Gavin and I called the zombie brains.  Pretty clear how we came up with that!

So why am I thankful for rocks?  Many reasons. 

I have a collection of rocks I’ve grabbed on several trips and adventures and can tell you exactly where I got them.  There’s the one from Roosevelt, the one from the river while I was elk hunting in Colorado, and the ones from other trips.  Each one is a small token of a memory that reminds me of great times.  These will do the same.  

Rocks are these simple and ordinary things that I take for granted, but when I stop to think about it they were here long before any of my family was and they will be here for long after.  My entire life is a blink for their existence.  Their simplicity is beautiful, yet the complexity it took to make them and get them to where there are now is mind blowing.

Lastly, I was able to share some excellent time with my family as we were all like little kids digging in the dirt and enjoying the simple treasures.


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