Day 63 – Thankful for Sleeping In

30 Nov

Today I am thankful for sleeping in.

Back in the day Becky and I would sleep away the better part of the day and wake up a shade before noon.

And then we had kids…  Sleeping in was transformed into one of us waking up at 6am or earlier while the other laid in bed trying to not listen to the commotion from elsewhere in the house.  Sometimes the one in bed would actually fall back asleep, but then only one of us were able to sleep in.  People with older kids told us that eventually we’d be able to sleep in again, but we were pretty sure they were insane.

Lately the boys have been starting to be more independent when they wake up.  This morning they got up, quietly played Minecraft of Clash of Clans on the iPads, and didn’t make a sound.  Pretty sure they knew if they woke us up the iPads would be shut down and we’d get the day rolling.

Right about 8:45am Becky and I finally rose from our slumber…  Just over 11 hours after we went to bed the night before.  It was AWESOME!!!  I’m not sure just how we got that far behind in our sleep, but it was absolutely fantastic to sleep almost half the day.  We’d already gone to church the day before, got most of our errands run the day before, and were able to enjoy a nice relaxing day at home.

I can’t remember the last time I’ve had this relaxing of a day at home, and I’m pretty sure it was because of how late I was able to sleep in.

That’s it for today, just about time to go back to bed 🙂


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