Day 60 – Thankful for Humor

26 Nov

Today I’m thankful for humor.

So while Becky & I were heading up north for Thanksgiving  last night we hit a deer.  Didn’t even see it coming.  There was a semi truck in the other lane and it must’ve hit the deer and shot it into our lane and we drilled it with the front driver’s side corner and it then banged along both car doors on that side.  

When we pulled over and inspected the damage it was pretty bad.  As you can see on the pics it was a pretty solid hit.  We were both fine, no injuries at all.

As we sat there for a moment or two of disbelief we each had a choice to make.  We could either get angry at what happened or we could count our blessings and laugh it off.  We both decided for the latter.

In many instances I would have been very angry or upset at something like this, but as much as I hate to admit it I heard the voice of my little brother in my head, “It already happened, what the hell are you going to do about it?  Getting angry isn’t going to fix it.”  As I’m hearing that in my head the phone rang…  Seriously, it literally started ringing as I went to get out of the car to inspect the hit.  Who was it calling?  Yup, it was Nick.

Believe it or not I was almost smiling as I started getting out of the car.  Becky went around the back and said “I think it looks like we kicked out, no damage on the side!”  I started giggling as I told her I’m pretty sure she was wrong…  I could see the broken headlight sticking up from my view inside the car.  As I got out it was pretty tough to see, a dark car on a street with no street lights.  As I turned on the light on my iPhone the damage was quickly seen.

After calling the police and our insurance company we had a great time laughing about how when we left La Crosse we were going to go one way and then decided to go a different way because “there are a lot less deer this way.”  LOL – what are the odds we take the safe way and hit a deer???

We called Nick afterwards and filled him in on the details and we laughed even more at the whole situation.  As we told family and posted on Facebook we’ve both kept focused on the humor and the bright side, never getting angry or upset.

When I take a step back I could look at this whole thing and  get really pissed off.  I can’t believe the trucker didn’t stop.  $500 deductible down the drain.  The hassle of getting a car repaired.  I wanted to go the other way and look what happened.  There’s a lot to get angry about, but really, what’s the point?

The good news is that neither of us were hurt.  The car isn’t totaled, and it is still drive-able.  $500 out the window sucks, but we have the cash to take care of it.  Our relationship is strong enough that we can laugh through tough times together.

And that’s why I’m happy for humor today.  We decided to look in the face of frustration, flip it the bird and have a laugh about it.  As Nick said,  “It already happened, what the hell are you going to do about it? Getting angry isn’t going to fix it.”  

Life is crazy and full of twists and turns, you might as well enjoy the ride…  Humor makes it a lot more fun!


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