Day 59 – Thankful for a Dream Role Model

25 Nov

Today I am thankful for a dream role model.

Remember a few days ago when I wrote about a friend who was getting PAID to reach their dream?  All the i’s have been dotted and the t’s have been crossed so I can actually explain in more detail.


Many years ago Becky and I had to make a very tough decision about our future that had a huge impact on our dreams.  We had the opportunity to chase my dream and become a business owner and we also had the opportunity for Becky to earn her PhD.  After a ton of thought, conversation and stress we opted for business ownership.

Becky’s dream of becoming a PhD remained, and she continued to work in her field.  She worked incredibly hard and was offered a better opportunity .  She continued working hard and was able to earn another opportunity.  After many years she was in a role that was at least somewhat similar to what she would have had if she had gone for her PhD.

Over the past decade she has busted her ass and has done everything she could to be successful.  She’s written many papers, done much research, and has put in countless hours.  She build relationships with many people and is invited in on many projects because of her personality, work experience, work ethic and intelligence.  One of these relationships led to a new relationship with someone from the University of New England (UNE) in Armidale, Australia.

Through this relationship a common research focus was found.  After much conversation Becky decided to apply for the PhD program at UNE.  Not only was she accepted, but she received a full ride scholarship!  Becky will be attending UNE (while still living in La Crosse & working at the same place) and will earn her PhD!  How cool is that???  Not only getting an opportunity to attain her dream, but she’s getting paid to do it!

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 6.50.35 AM

So here’s why I am thankful for Becky as a dream role model.  As our boys get older and chase their dreams with extreme energy and passion they are bound to hit times when things don’t quite go as planned.  Obstacles get hit, priorities change, and life happens.  These may cause you to miss out on their dreams, but only in the short term, not forever.  As someone once said, “No doesn’t mean never, it means not yet.”  Becky has a true chasing her dream story to share with them to show how after many years of hard work, dedication, focus, and positive attitude any dream is attainable.  Luck?  Becky didn’t need luck, she made her own luck and will soon be accomplishing one of her biggest dreams.  I’m so proud of her!!!




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