Day 58 – Thankful for Clutch Performances

25 Nov

Today I am thankful for clutch performances.

To all the non-baseball fans, I apologize in advance…  Let me explain today using a baseball story.


It’s the top of the 9th, Game 6 of the World Series.  We’re down by 2, facing the heart of the opponent’s batting order, and we’re losing the series 2-3.  It’s crunch time.

You give the ball to your ace closer and remind them of how important this inning is.  They simply nod in understanding and walk off to the mound in a focused state.  You realize they didn’t need to hear it, they already know.

Three batters later they have struck out the side and have put up an insanely clutch performance.

We’re still down by 2 and need to get things rolling.  You spend a moment with the team reminding them of the importance of this moment…  You realize they don’t need to hear it, they already know.

The first three batters all hit singles to load the bases.  The next batter confidently nods to you and nails a double and the game is tied.  The next batter goes up to the plate with youthful exuberance, drills an absolute bomb to straight away centerfield to win the game, and smiles.

The coach did absolutely nothing in the moment, the players all came through in the clutch when they needed to.  All pulling in the right direction, successful.  Victorious.

We’re not out of the woods yet, we’ve still got an even bigger game ahead of us, but with today’s clutch performances we live to battle another day.

I am thankful for my clutch performers.


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