Day 55 – Thankful for Time in the Workshop with my Best-est Buddy

21 Nov

Today I’m thankful for time in the workshop with my best-est buddy.

With Becky out of town with some friends today the boys and I had a chance to fool around and have a nice boy’s day.  Dominic had a birthday party so it was just me and Gavin.

So what did Gavin and I do?  Between cleaning his room, having Nerf sword fights, watching Gremlins and grocery shopping.  While we had a blast with all of that my favorite time was when we went up to the workshop in the garage and decided to build something.

I asked Gavin if he wanted to build something in the garage and he decided it would be cool to build a box to put his stuff in.  Next thing you know we’re cutting up some old cabinet doors for boards.  He was learning to read a tape measure, drilling, screwing, and clamping.  He had a chance to learn some problem solving when we needed to find some hinges.  Next thing we knew Gavin had a new chest!


I have a feeling (and am really hoping) that this will be one of MANY great times had in the workshop.  It’s pretty cool seeing him learn how great it feels to create something.


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