Day 50 – Thankful for Humility

17 Nov

Today I am thankful for humility.


As many of you may know, I really like being right.  It’s definitely one of my favorites.  There’s just something so beautiful about being able to say, “I’m right!”  Unfortunately, today was filled with a cacophony of “I was wrong.”

While I can’t get into all the specifics of all of the situations, let’s just say that today was a humbling slam of “Mike was wrong” that gave two options, get defensive and find a way to be right or be humble and take my medicine.

It got me thinking about some of the most fun conversations I’ve ever had with my dad.  There have been many times (mostly after having the boys) that I have called him up to apologize and admit that I was wrong back in the day.  Specifically I think of the times I told him I’d never do that, never think that, and never say that…  Only to later hear it slip out of my mouth, have the thought slip into my brain, or catch myself doing exactly what I said I wouldn’t.  We get a good laugh out of it and all is forgiven.

Today there was one instant in particular that struck me the same way.  As I went on a long rant about my plan for domination of the staffing world I was getting especially fired up.  I finally got to the point that I almost asked if he was in agreement with me…  And then I realized that what I had just spit out was pretty much exactly what he told me I should do a year or two ago. 🙂  Oops!  As I pointed out that he would probably be in agreement because it was his idea we both started laughing and enjoyed the moment.

Humility or defensiveness…  I always have an option.  Today I am glad that for the most part I chose humility and will continue to work on improving until that is the only choice I make.


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