Day 46 – Thankful for My Bed

13 Nov

Today I am thankful for my bed.

I’m having a great time in training and the past couple of days have filled up my brain with thoughts and ideas…  Kinda scary, huh?  Pretty sure that more ideas is exactly not what my brain needs! 🙂

So while sitting in my hotel room getting ready for bed and writing my blog.  I had several ideas for what I am thankful for run through my head…  Training, new friends, new leadership training experiences, etc…  But you know what I am really thankful for tonight?  You should, it’s in the title and the first line. 🙂

Tonight I am thankful for my bed.  Yup, my bed.

It is insanely comfortable.  It’s warm and inviting.  It is by far the best bed I’ve ever slept in.  Perfect combination of firm and soft.

You know why I’m thankful for it tonight?  Because when I’m sleeping in it it means I’m home.  When I’m in it I’m snuggled up with Becky.  When I’m in it I’ll wake up and see Becky in the morning and wake both my boys up.  When I’m in it it means I’m home, and I love it.

Training has been great and I appreciate it immensely, but I miss my home and family and I’m thankful for my bed.


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