Day 45 – Thankful for Hanging Out with Successful People

12 Nov

Today I am thankful for hanging out with successful people.

The first day of training was fantastic!  The content was excellent, the speakers were solid, and a lot was learned.

Among the highlights of the day was getting to spend a lot of time with some very successful people.  Between group exercises, lunch, breaks, and supper there was a ton of time to spend learning from some of the best offices within Express.

It’s pretty humbling at times to talk with someone who’s office just paid over 1,000 associates in one week.  It helps me check my ego at the door when I realize the franchisee I’m talking with has a couple of offices that both do as much business as my best office does in one year.  That being said, it also helps me open my eyes even wider to the fantastic possibilities that my teams and I have ahead of us.

Hearing how they run their business has already given me ideas on what I need to change personally to help my teams be more successful.  It makes me feel better knowing that others have had similar challenges and have overcome them to rise to even higher levels of excellence.  It helps knowing that they all go through frustrating times and through perseverance they’ve made it through and been more successful.  Hearing each of their stories motivates me more and more.

I am very thankful to have spent a day hanging out with many successful people and learning from them, and am looking forward to more awesome times with them tomorrow!


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