Day 44 – Thankful for My Regional Developer, Beth Wolfe

10 Nov

Today I am thankful for my Regional Developer, Beth Wolfe.


Tomorrow is the first day of the Express Leadership Academy class and Beth has been helping me get prepped and ready.  With spending as much time with her on the phone as I have lately it has really hit me that Beth is a special kind of awesome.  Her role is to help herd many of us independently minded and strong willed franchisees in the right direction.  Imagine that, trying to coach and lead people who’ve made a living of running their own business because they want to be in charge and and not have a boss!  She’s got the patience of a saint.

She pushes me on a regular basis.  Never one to hold back a comment on how I may be sandbagging a goal or having too low of expectations, she knows how to push the right buttons to help me push myself.  There’ve been several times that she pushes outside of my comfort zone, and I’m thankful for each of them.

She’s there with love and support when it is needed.  There’s one time in particular that comes to mind.  I was having an especially rough time with several things at work.  I felt stretched too thin, like I had taken on way too much, and I was in serious jeopardy of failing.  Out of the blue I got one of the nicest notes ever, and it helped get me pumped back up and motivated.  Not gonna lie, it was so good a little awesome leaked out of both eyes when I read it.  It was heartfelt, caring, and exactly what the doctor ordered.

As we’ve been prepping for this class she’s taken even more time to get to know me and my style and communicates in a way that is very effective.  While she’ll joke along with me at my lack of detail orientation (shocker, right???), she’ll also be the first to say that I need to keep working on it and give me small things to work on to get me there.  She shows me how to keep using my strengths, but keeps me focused on making sure my weaknesses are under control.

I can be persuasive and have on some occasions been known to help “guide” a teacher to the results that I would prefer.  Beth calls me on it and keeps me on track, and all the while in a way that helps me stay productive, open minded, and positive.  Even if I push back a little she stays on point and doesn’t back down when it’s important.

Over the past several months she has gone above and beyond the call of duty to help me and my teams grow and I am very thankful for that.  Her passion, caring, communication and coaching are very appreciated.  Thank you for always pushing me to do better!


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