Day 42 – Thankful for Mechanical Aptitude (& the Internet)

09 Nov

Today I am thankful for mechanical aptitude (& the internet).

Don’t get me wrong, I am definitely not a mechanic or technician.  Not even close.  But I am very fortunate to have been blessed with a pretty decent mechanical aptitude.  Pretty sure it has to do with having it on both sides of my family.  While I don’t know that it is genetically passed on, it seems like there could be something there…

The reason I am thankful for my mechanical aptitude this weekend is because of our dryer.  It has been making some crazy squeaking noises and having some serious issues for a while.  On Thursday night it finally started shrieking in a way that almost made all of our ears bleed.  At various times in the conversation that followed included thoughts of getting it repaired (probably a hundred bucks or so) or buying a new one ($800+).  I then decided that if we were going to one of those extremes I’d play for the win and see if I could fix it myself.

My mom will be the first to tell you that I have had a gift at disassembling things since I was a kid.  She’d also agree that I was absolutely horrible at putting it back together.  Seeing as we would either be buying a new one or having a pro come in to clean up my mess Becky was cool with me giving it a whirl.  If it worked, great, if not, she would be happy that I had something to keep me entertained for an hour or so.

Armed with some tools and a positive attitude I went to town on the dryer.  Next thing I knew it looked like this in our basement:


A couple of Youtube videos later and I figured out that this little guy was my issue:


The metal piece that sat in it was completely devoid of grease and instead of being perfectly smooth had been grooved and gouged.  Hopping on line I quickly found and ordered a replacement part from Amazon (I LOVE that site!) and will have a new one in my hands for the low price of $22 within a week.

Seeing as we had several loads of laundry to dry I figured I’d try adding grease and rebuild the dryer to save a trip to the laundromat.  So off to Menards I go on a quest for grease.

Re-assembly went fantastic and next thing I knew we had a running dryer again.  Once the part comes in I’ll disassemble it and re-build it again.

In the end I was able to spend a couple of hours figuring out an issue on my own and having a complete fix for less than $30 and with less dryer down time than any of the other options.  Not to shabby to save a couple of hundred bucks or more.  It was also a pretty awesome feeling to know that I could figure it out and fix it on my own (& with the help of the internet).  Had I not had some mechanical aptitude in my genes I would’ve been out a chunk of cash, had an unhappy wife, wet clothes, and probably would have been pretty ornery.  Thanks mechanical aptitude (& the internet)!


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