Day 40 – Thankful for a Hiking Date with Becky

07 Nov

Today I am thankful for a hiking date with Becky.


Becky had an awesome idea for our date day.  We drove to Devil’s Lake and spent the morning and early afternoon hiking through the park.  It was pretty awesome!  The scenery was great, the weather was almost perfect, and the hiking was wonderful.

Some go the highlights included the following:

Where’s Becky?


There were some pretty crazy rock formations. This one is Devil’s Door:


There were also some wild looking trees:


Amongst some of the coolest looking things were the many places that the tree roots pushed their way through the asphalt.  It was wild to think that the growth of wood is more powerful than the blacktop, but given enough time and enough pressure the roots were able to push through.



So what was my favorite part?  Spending the day and sharing the experience with the greatest travel buddy ever, best wife I could ever hope for, my best friend, and the love of my life.  I am incredibly thankful for my hiking date with Becky today!


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