Day 36 – Thankful for the Dining Room Table

03 Nov

Today I am thankful for the dining room table.

On the surface it seems pretty basic.  Take a look closer and you’ll see something else…  Wood, stain, screws, scratches, stains, memories, family gathering place, dreamer’s easel, therapist’s couch, the eternal gaming table, and happiness.


As I was about to type this blog up about something completely different a really crazy idea struck me.  This dining room table is the best place in the world.  Seriously, this might be one of my favorite places on Earth.

When I got home from work today the boys were finishing homework at the table.  Shortly after changing we had supper as a family at the table and got caught up on each others’ day.  How was school, how was work, and all that.  Such basic conversation, but so peaceful and perfect.  And there may have been a little Bob Marley playing to help set the mood…

After supper Becky and I were helping Gavin practice his new spelling words.  He was getting frustrated and was almost in tears because he was struggling to learn this new set of words.  I sat him on my lap and explained that even Mom and I are always learning and sometimes get frustrated too, but you should be proud of yourself for trying.  It may be difficult and you may make mistakes, but you’re getting better and that’s pretty awesome – keep trying.  We then turned it into a fun game as Gavin bounced from chair to chair while spelling.

Meanwhile Dominic was super focused on the new game that he is making for him and his friends to play during surround care.  Watching him pour himself into creating that masterpiece at the table made me chuckle.  Who hasn’t at some at some point had that great idea, perfect thought, next big thing and then sketched it out at the dining room table.  It’s just one of the awesome places where all ideas are supposed to be generated and sketched out.

Next thing you know Gavin’s making his own version of the game alongside Dominic.  He’s stealing ideas from Dominic, and Dominic’s happy to share them with his brother.  There’s no fighting, no bickering, no whining, no complaining, only happy playing and co-conspiring.  How awesome is that?  And there’s maybe a little Seven Mary Three playing in the background…

So when I sat at my desk the first thought that came to my head was my grandma and grandpa’s house.  Whenever I think of their house my memories immediately go to their dining room table.  I swear I have more detailed memories of that launching pad of happiness and love than I really should, like the texture of the wood, the shape, the legs.  That table was the place of many games, conversations, meals, magic tricks, musical moving Christmas animals, delicious kringles, and amazing times with my family.  I swear that table is in more of my memories of my grandparents than almost anything else.  When I think of that table I think of happiness, comfort, family, and love.

And that’s why I’m thankful for the dining room today.  While I’d highly doubt that the boys will remember this specific night of great family time, I hope this is one of the building blocks of an incredible appreciation for the dining room table.  In years I hope they continue to appreciate the happiness, comfort and love they’ve felt at this table and continue to imprint the importance of this sacred place on me as they continue to grow.  Who knows, maybe some day I’ll be doing magic tricks for their kids at this table while we eat kringle and have the amazing smell of coffee floating in the air.  That would be a pretty awesome moment.

Who’d have thought the dining room table could create such memories and be the object of appreciation?  Not this guy, and without this blog I’m not sure that I ever would have thought about it.



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