Day 35 – Thankful for Music

02 Nov

Today I am thankful for music.  Ahh…  The joy of great music.  This weekend has been filled with it and I’m very thankful for all of the music this weekend.

My taste in music can be best summarized through two terms: eclectic and insane shiny syndrome.  On any given day, or more likely at any given moment, I’m just as likely to be listening to Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam, Mumford & Sons, Bob Marley, Wiz Kalifa, Eminem, Linkin Park, Hans Zimmer, Florence & the Machine, Cracker, The Hills, or lord only knows what else.  Except country, rarely if ever do I listen to country.

This weekend was exactly as normal with music.  For some reason I was jamming out to Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds and next thing I knew I was enjoying the Bob Marley Pandora channel.  Then I heard Ziggy Marley’s A Lifetime for the first time – excellent!  Good solid tunes with a tropical feel that brought some sunshine on a cloudy day.


As I was working on the basement bathroom I changed gears and was listening to Everclear’s Wonderful on their Pandora channel and was struck by how spot on their lyrics are in that song.  I know it’s meant to be through the eyes of a child watching parents divorce, but it really hit home for me at age 24-ish when my parents were going through their divorce.  After that the channel bumped into songs from my high school &  college days that always bring back great memories and make me smile.


Last night after the boys were in bed I tuned on AppleTV and randomly came across the London Music Festival replay and was happily surprised to see that Mumford and Sons had their full concert recorded.  Next thing I knew and hour had passed and I was still tapping my foot while listening to Little Lion Man.  It was the first I had heard of many of the songs off their new album & I immediately fell in love with the album and bought it on iTunes.  After Mumford I pulled up Florence & the Machine’s concert.  How can you go wrong with Shake It Off and You’ve Got the Love?  I went to bed about as happy as I have in a long time, completely chilled out from great tunes.

Today’s been loaded with listening to the Mumford album, especially Tompkins Square Park, Believe, and Snake Eyes.  Power washing the house has never been quite so soothing!  Then when I was finishing the plumbing in the bathroom it was back to Everclear.  Oh yeah, on the way to church Becky and I were kind of jamming out to Living Dead Girl by Rob Zombie.  Yep, pretty crazy, but enjoyable to bob the head to a little.

With all of the great music I listened to this weekend it’s crazy to think how dull and boring life would be without a soundtrack.  While my taste in music is pretty crazy, manic, and flat out bizarre, I am so thankful to have music in my life.


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