Day 32 – Thankful for a Day Off with My Boys

29 Oct

Today I am thankful for a day off with my boys.

After a crazy stretch of work I took the day off to stay at home with the boys as they were off of school today and tomorrow.  We had a blast!!!

We started off the day by sleeping in a little.  Once we were up and moving we took the boat in to be winterized, hit Menards, and then picked up some thank you cards from Walgreens.  Once the boys had the thank you’s filled out we went outside and started raking leaves while I was power washing the house.

Part way through I noticed that Gavin wasn’t really doing much so I decided to help him out.  Next thing I know I’m raking while Gavin is bagging the leaves, and still doing that in a normal pokey fashion.  I chuckled and asked Dominic if he remembered when he used to “help” like that, just like I used to help my parents like that.  Dominic was a raking machine and once Gavin had his rhythm down we were moving.

At one point as I’m raking in one spot I notice them wrestling in the leaves.  At another time I saw them pushing each other over leaf bags.  And at a different time I caught them putting the rake between their legs and then letting the other one lift up the rake to hit each other right in the crotch.  I couldn’t help but laugh out loud watching these two chuckleheads doing some of the same things Nick and I did when we were helping out.

After it was all said and done we had almost 30 large bags of leaves that we then took to the compost site in La Crosse.  Not a bad few hours of work.  We accomplished a lot and had a ton of fun doing it.


To reward the boys afterwards we picked up some Pokemon cards and proceeded to have an epic Pokemon draft game in the treehouse.  It was fantastic!  While we were all trying to win everyone stayed in a good mood, helped each other out, and just had great time.


In between and during the leaf raking and game we had lots of great conversation.  We were giving each other a hard time, joking around constantly, and completely enjoying each others’ company.  While we have had many fun days, I’m thinking and hoping this is one that they’ll remember for a long time for being about as perfect of a day as the three of us alone could have.  I’m very thankful to have taken the day off to spend focused on them.


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