Day 30 – Thankful for My Moral Mirrors

28 Oct

Today I’m thankful for my moral mirrors.

Seriously Kreiling, you’re making up terms again???  Yup!  It’s my blog, I’ll do what I want 🙂  Here’s the two knuckleheads I’m talking about…


Over the past couple of days there have been a couple of situations that have helped me be grateful for one of their most annoying traits…  The ability to show me a mirror of my decisions, choices, values, and words.  In short, their ability to mirror my morals.

On Sunday night as Becky and I got the boys to bed and snuggled in PJs on the couch to wind down Dominic came flying up the stairs and was upset.  He had just realized that he had forgotten something he needed for school on Monday morning.  While my first instinct was to holler at him for not planning ahead or chastise him for poor decision making, all I could do was roll my head to look at Becky with a smile on my face.  She was doing the same and I quickly realized that I would be the one making the 8:45pm Wal Mart run.  We told Dominic not to worry about it and that I’d be back in a little bit.  When I got back he greeted me with a big hug and old me how grateful he was to have parents like us.  He said he knows there are a lot of other moms and dads who would’ve hollered and told their kids they were out of luck.  Just think, I almost was one of those dads.  I was glad that knowing that he was watching my response helped me make the right choice as opposed to the easy choice.

Last night as I was putting Gavin to bed I gave him his normal hug and kiss.  Afterwards he said, “Dad, do you know what I’m thankful for today?  Today I’m thankful for you.  Yesterday I was thankful for Mom.  Tomorrow I’ll be thankful for Dominic…  Nah, tomorrow I’ll be thankful for my friends and then I’ll be thankful for Dominic.”  Turns out I’ve mentioned my blog enough that he understands what I do every day and has started copying it.  I’m going to give him a notebook to write in down every day if he wants.

Writing this blog takes up some family time and I sometimes question myself on whether or not it is worth it.  Somewhere in the back of my head I just keep thinking that if something bad would happen to me (hopefully not for a crazy long time – I plan on living to the ripe old age of 103) it would serve as a bit of a values handbook for my family and friends.  Something to keep my memory occasionally alive, and something to help them keep smiles on their faces.  Regardless, the thought crosses my mind wondering if it is making a difference.  After these past couple of nights that thought won’t cross my mind anymore.

For the record, Gavin was thankful for LuLu tonight, will be thankful for “the other one” tomorrow, and then maybe Dominic.

Also for the record, one night I’m sure I’ll be thankful for the not so positive traits they mirror…  Like when one of Dominic’s three biggest dreams was to end Obamacare…  Pretty sure I must’ve complained a little bit too much. 🙂


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