Day 29 – Thankful for My Big Buddy

27 Oct

Today I’m thankful for my Big Buddy…  AKA Dominic.


Over the past 24 hours he has helped rake leaves without being asked and without asking for anything in return.  I’m not sure what he either broke and hasn’t told us about yet, or what he wants us to get him that he hasn’t asked for yet, but I’m sure we’ll find out.  🙂  While he was raking he let me know he’s all in for raking up a couple of our neighbors’ yards on Thursday when we have a day off together.  He gets that they have a tough time getting around and wants to help them out.

When I got home from work he volunteered to help me take the leaves in to the compost site.  While he was starting to move stuff in the back of the car I had fun using the automatic back gate button on our keys.  His reaction was priceless!  It wasn’t until he completely crawled in the back and I closed it on him again from inside the house that he realized what was up and he started cracking up about it.

While at the compost site he decided that it would be way more fun to jump in the leaf piles and to wade thru the waist deep leaves to empty the bags of leaves in the absolute back of the bin.  We were joking around and having fun the whole time.

When we got home we played a game and I beat him pretty bad.  He got frustrated and angry for a minute and as he got worked up he saw me smiling at him.  His scowl faded and he started laughing at how frustrated he had gotten.

After the game we went in the kitchen and he asked for a hug.  When I bent over to hug him he smacked me in the face with a book and exclaimed, “You’ve been Facebooked!”  We were both laughing at that one.

While there are times when he can be a little moody and drive me nuts there are way more times when he chooses to be in a great mood.  The times like this when he is happy, giving, smiling, in a great mood and joking around are some of the best times of my life.  I am incredibly grateful for him and his awesome personality.


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