Day 28 – Thankful for Great Neighbors

26 Oct

Today I am thankful for great neighbors.

This morning I was starting to work on the lights for our pontoon trailer and was happily interrupted by our neighbor from across the street.  He’s got to be one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.  He came over to shoot the bull for a while and we had an excellent conversation.  Nothing terribly serious, but one of those conversations that just leaves you feeling good.  He’s in his mid-seventies and still rushes to beat us outside after a heavy snowfall so he can snow blow our driveway before we can get outside to shovel.  It’s kind of a fun competition now – who can wake up first and shovel (us) or snowplow (him) for the other.  It was a blast to enjoy a conversation in the beautiful fall weather.

As we were talking another neighbor drove by.  This neighbor and his wife are always smiling and in a good mood, always buy whatever stuff our kids are selling for a fund raiser, and are always quick to wave when they drive by.  When I see him I think about how that’s the way I want to get old – taking nothing too serious and enjoying every moment.

Later in the afternoon I was still fighting with the trailer lights and another neighbor came over to give me a hand.  He’s an electrician and spent the better part of half an hour helping me figure out what was going on with my wiring.  After we got it figured out we shot the bull for a while and had fun talking about what a pain in the ass boats are and traded fun boat stories.  And that’s how he rolls, he’s always willing to help with anything and have a fun conversation along the way.

As we head closer to winter it was great to be able to spend some quality time with my neighbors today.


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