Day 26 – Thankful for the Feeling of Accomplishment

23 Oct

Today I am thankful for the feeling of accomplishment.

Over the past couple of months I’ve been spending a lot of time focused on preparing, practicing and presenting a training session for business leaders.  This presentation is been focused on what is happening in today’s workforce and what the best employers do to be successful in hiring in this economy.  I’ve put so much energy, practice and focus into this training.  So much so that I’ve wondered at various times if it was worth it or not.  Today I know the definitive answer.  Yes.

Here are some statistics of this presentation (which I started sharing in early September):

  • Presented 10 different times to groups of business leaders and clients and have 3 more scheduled
  • Presented to over 400 people
  • Brought in 2 new Express clients accounting for over 15 jobs
  • Has led to appointments with 9 prospects that we’ve been struggling to meet with
  • Provided the reason for over 400 sales calls in Winona, Eau Claire, Menomonie and Rice Lake alone
  • Has been the motivation for several businesses to improve their hiring processes

But the most important statistic?  1.  That’s the number of thank you emails I received today for presenting this.  Seriously, that’s the most important number?  Yup.

In that one email our client explained that as a result of my presentation they were now going to add a part time shift in order to employ the many stay at home parents in their area.  Also, they are going to offer their employees an additional bonus incentive to encourage the behavior they are focusing on in their organization.  What’s the big deal?  I was able to help create an opportunity for individuals who weren’t able to participate in the workforce and helped some excellent people earn more money each week for their hard work while helping their employer be more productive and profitable.

Silhouette of man and sunshine

Today, I feel like I’m fulfilling my purpose.  I know I ‘m making progress every day, but the sense of accomplishment today is nothing short of fantastic…  And I’m taking a couple of minutes to enjoy it ….  and use it for future motivation. 🙂


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