Day 25 – Thankful for Flipping the Switch

23 Oct

Today I am thankful for flipping the switch.  Umm…  Kreiling… What the hell does that mean?


It’s pretty simple and a little crazy to be honest.  Whenever it is…

  • Go time
  • Time to get gritty
  • Time to perform
  • Time to kick some ass and take some names
  • Time to lock and load
  • Time to lock it in
  • Time to focus
  • Time to push it
  • Time to hit it hard
  • Time to give it all
  • Time to unleash the beast
  • Time to give 100%

… I picture a switch being flipped in my head.  I’ll tell myself “flip the switch” in my head.  I’ll sometimes say “flip the switch” out loud to someone.  I’ll sometimes say “flip the switch” out loud to no one.  When I saw that phrase, when I see the picture in my head, I focus and change.  At that moment I know I need to perform.

Today we had a client presentation in Menomonie and then followed up with my workforce presentation to 15 Menomonie business leaders.  Before one I said and pictured “flip the switch” and before the other I did not.  One went fantastic and the other was mediocre.  Funny how that works, huh?  It’s obviously not the only thing at play, but it is striking to see the difference in my performance when I picture it versus when I don’t.

Who knows where it started?  No clue.  Maybe in wrestling, maybe in Boy Scouts, maybe I read about it somewhere or maybe someone gave me the idea once.  I’m really not sure.

What I’m sure of though is that when I flip the switch, it’s game on.  Watch out world, this Kreiling is ready to roll!  All thanks to those three simple words.


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