Day 24 – Thankful for Family Fun

22 Oct

Today I’m thankful for family fun.

While I’m one of the first to say our lives are way too busy and crazy I’ve got to say the past couple of nights of Kreiling Craziness have been pretty awesome.

Last night we went with the Cub Scouts to the Town of Campbell Police and Fire Departments and had a blast talking with a police officer and some firefighters.  We spent time looking at all the cool stuff the cop had on his belt and did our best to get him to demo the taser on someone.  The boys had fun piling into the back seat of his car, enjoyed seeing the spike strips in the back and enjoyed practicing running from the police lights and sirens as soon as they went off. 🙂  The firefighters let us have fun shooting the firehose & if you look closely I’m pretty sure Becky was having a little too much fun with the hose and her new found firefighter buddy!  We also got to take turns using a fire extinguisher.  Pretty cool stuff!

IMG_6394 IMG_6385 IMG_6396

Tonight we had an absolutely awesome time playing in the parents vs kids soccer game to wrap up Dominic’s soccer season (the fall one anyways).  All four of us got into the action and each had our share of excellent plays and huge mistakes.  As for huge mistakes it was a pretty cool reminder for me of trying to do all the things I try to coach Dominic to do on the field…  Those little guys are FAST and the ball never quite seems to go where I intend it to.  Gavin was on my team and we won the first game and then were devastated by Dominic’s team.  Going head to head I had more takedowns on Dominic (pretty sure that’s a legit soccer stat, right?), but he had the advantage on the pulling down of someone else’s shorts when they have the ball.  Overall, the four of us all tied for the most fun, it was great!


While tomorrow I’ll be dragging after a crazy busy week of work and non-stop family craziness, today I’m enjoying the fun we had as a family.  It’s tough to keep that perspective all the time, but nights like these past two are a huge help.  Here’s to more nights of Kreiling Craziness!


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