Day 23 – Thankful for My Mother-In-Law

21 Oct

Today I am thankful for my mother-in-law.  To be fair, I’m thankful for her and Ken pretty much every single day.  They raised Becky to be pretty awesome with just enough craziness to enjoy spending time with me. 🙂


So today I’m not going to get into all of the sappy things like how great of a mom she is, how giving she is of her time, her strong faith, or anything like that.  Nope, today it’s all about a different one of her awesome qualities…  She is always making food or wine to give to other people.

It seems like I every time I go to visit she goes out of her way to make lasagna.  Just like clockwork, it’s almost like it’s the only thing she makes…  and she makes it almost every time I head up north.  I  LOVE it!  Not gonna lie, there have been many breakfasts of cold lasagna in the morning.  Then I find out from Becky that she really doesn’t make it often, she makes it because she knows it’s my favorite.

A while back I asked if she would fix a zipper in a pair of pants for me because I knew she sewed.  She said she was happy to and did a great job.  Afterwards, Becky made a comment that Mary must really love me because she absolutely hates fixing zippers.  She fixed the zipper because she knew it would make me happy.

This past weekend she and Ken came to town and she told me she brought a pan of apple squares (one of my two favorite desserts that she makes).  I smiled and said thanks and was expecting a few squares or a small pan.  Imagine my surprise when she busted out a huge pan of them!  She went out of her way to make an extra batch to bring down because she knows I love those things.


If you’ve been to a celebration within 60 miles of Ogema in the past 15 years I can pretty much guarantee that you’ve had some of her homemade wine or eaten one of her personally decorated wedding cakes.  She does this for everyone because she knows how much everyone loves them.

That really sums up one of the coolest features of my mother-in-law.  She goes out of her way to take the time and effort to create something her friends and family love.  She gives of herself and asks nothing in return.  The only payment that she accepts in most cases is a smile and a hug.  I am very thankful to have won the mother-in-law lottery.


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