Day 22 – Thankful for Great Coaches

20 Oct

Today I’m thankful for great coaches.Throughout my life I’ve been extremely blessed by the presence of great coaches. From teachers to sports coaches to parents to bosses to business partners there’s almost always been a great coach near me who was willing to help me grow. Today was a great reminder of just how much a great coach can help.

I’ve been struggling with a tough situation for a while and it’s been driving me absolutely crazy. I’ve been working on it and trying to fix it but it seems the more I try the more frustrated I get. Today on a weekly coaching call with a couple of my coaches it reached a boiling point and I got extremely frustrated and I vented. Funny thing was that as soon as I vented the answer was very clear. Crystal clear in fact. I’ve now got a plan in place and the situation is going to work out well. While many times we see the result as the success itself it is always important to dig a little bit deeper. I’d love to take credit for the fix, and hell, the words came out of my own mouth, but it wasn’t me. It was my coach.

Let’s step back for a minute. This particular coach has worked with me for almost 16 years. He’s taken the time to get to know me and listen. He knows how I typically react in certain situations. He knows where my ideas and thoughts go in stressful situations. He knows my hot buttons and when to push them and when to step back and help me cool off. He has built a strong relationship with me and I know that any criticism he may offer is coming from his desire to help me grow and get better as a leader, a business person, a father and a man. He’s always got my back and is willing to have he tough conversations I need to hear.

In today’s conversation he let me talk, asked the right questions to get me fired up and walked me right into the fit I needed to throw in order to get to clarity. He knew just how to walk me into the thought process I needed to have, the one he had already seen. He also knew that if he simply told me what to do it wouldn’t have the same result, he knew I had to bring myself to that conclusion. He knows that’s a fault of mine – having to figure it out on my own as opposed to simply following the advice of someone who’s made the same mistake. He’s been working with me on it for years and is very careful about bringing it up at the right time. In this case he didn’t bring it up, but I’m pretty sure that he was smiling as the whole scenario unfolded just as he knew it would. His great coaching today has helped me tremendously, both in this situation and in helping to grow my coaching skills.

Today I’m very thankful to have coaches like this in my life (even though he’s a Viking fan).


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