Day 21 – Thankful for Prioritization of Dreams

18 Oct

Today I am thankful for the prioritization of dreams.  Just to warn all of you, I took my boys to see Everest (the movie) last night…


In the back of my head I’ve wanted to climb Mount Everest as long as I can remember.  The thought of going up to 29,000+’ into the sky and touching the top of the world seems pretty incredible.  Imagine it for a minute.  Close your eyes.  Picture being at the absolute top of the world.  There is no one on Earth who is higher than you at that moment.  You can over 200 miles in any direction.  Reach up and you are closer to touching heaven and space than anywhere else on our planet.  Is there anything else that could possibly be that awesome?


Once I started doing some research on climbing Everest I quickly learned it is not nearly as easy and safe as I’d hope.  Google it sometime and I saw images that blew my mind… and images of frost bitten faces, missing fingers, and frozen bodies that will never be removed from the mountain.  Until very recently these images were haunting, but not enough to deter me from the dream.  I’d bargain with Becky on what would need to happen for me to climb and the biggest thing was that she said I’d have to wait until after the boys were in college in case something would happen to me.  “Fair enough,” I thought.  That’d give me time to get in the shape needed to summit.

Something really strange has started to sink in recently.  As I put together my dream list there were are many things that I want to do and accomplish (112 and counting to be exact).  As I reviewed that list I realized that being dead or incapacitated would have a pretty negative impact on attaining most (or all) of them.  That’s when I realized it’s great to have dreams, but there is a prioritization of them that needs to happen.  There are some that are more important than others and in some cases I might need to modify them in order to help them fit.

So while climbing Everest is a dream of mine, it falls significantly behind going to all of the National Parks with Becky (#13), swim with a whale shark (#27), Watch a World Cup game with Dominic (#99), touch a shark with Gavin (#100), and many others.  The risk of reaching the summit of Everest poses too big a risk to my ability to reach other dreams that I cherish more.  I’m pretty sure that there is something here to dig into deeper in a future post, something focusing on digging into why some dreams are more important and what values are shining through in those choices.

Does that mean I dump it altogether?  HELL NO!!!  I did modify it slightly though… Dream #4 – See Mount Everest from Base Camp.  I talked with the boys about this as we left the movie and had some pretty fun dialogue.  What we’ve come to for now is that Dominic still wants to summit Everest, and Gavin and I are going to chill, drink some beers, and wait for him at Base Camp (a safe viewing point of the mountain).  Who knows, it could change.



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