Day 17 – Thankful for Consistent Overachievers

15 Oct

Today I am thankful for consistent overachievers.  Actually, I’m always thankful for overachievers, but forget to always say it.  In our lives we are surrounded by the folks I’m talking about.  The sad thing is that their consistent incredible performance sometimes get missed because they are such cornerstones and foundations of our successes and happiness that we can easily miss giving them the thanks they deserve.

The co-worker that will drop everything that’s on their plate to help you set up for a presentation even though they are on a tight deadline and know that pausing will cause them to have to work longer.  The person who always hits their goals and doesn’t brag about it.  The teammate who is there every single day without fail and usually ends up working late.  They are always the first to volunteer to take on extra work (without asking for any credit) and are the ones that quietly pick up the slack of other teammates.

The friend that is always there by your side when you have good news to celebrate or bad news to share.  They will stop anything to help you out with anything you’re working on without being asked and won’t take no for an answer.  They always seem to call or text you right at the right time, not too often, but not too seldom.  They always seem to know exactly what to say at the right time, serious when they need to be, humorous when it’s right.  Spending a couple of hours with them always leaves you feeling great.


My wife is another one of those people.  Every day she picks up my slack when I’m focused on work.  She takes care of our boys and makes sure their homework is always done and checked.  She remembers all the little things that we like and quietly make sure that we get them.  Becky does so many little things that keep us living and happy every day and does so without ever getting the credit she deserves from either the boys or myself.  If it weren’t for her I can’t even imagine what our lives would be like.

It was a truly excellent day today.  One that was filled with many successes.  Today I’ve had several reminders of just how important these people are to me.  When there are successes to celebrate it’s very easy to look in the mirror and give myself credit, but it’s really a reflection of all of these other people.  If any one of them were not there in one way shape or form the entire day either wouldn’t have happened or would have been an epic fail.  I am so incredibly blessed to have these people in my life.

While today I’m stating my thankfulness for them, I hope they know just how thankful for them I am every single day of my life.  I will certainly be working on making sure that they see that gratitude more often.


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