Day 16 – Thankful for Selling and Developing

13 Oct

Today I am thankful for Selling and Developing.

Yes, I am a twisted individual, I love selling!  Seriously, this isn’t a crazy way of tricking myself into liking it.  It’s not a reverse psychology experiment to help motivate.  I honest to God love selling.

What I’m talking about isn’t the pushy hard sell, but rather a meeting to listen to the concerns, goals, and ideas of a business owner and then working with them to help them imagine a better future for themselves.  We then go to the whiteboard and draw up the right solution for their specific situation and then present it to them.  The end result is that their life is made better by my team and I.  Talk about a pretty awesome feeling of completion.

Today my relatively new Sales Rep in Eau Claire set a couple of appointments for us to meet with potential prospects (that in of itself is pretty awesome, she just recently started and is already showing excellent results).  We met with them, listened to their current situation and have started planning a better solution for them.  While we don’t have an official yes from either of them, we will in the next week or two.

As we were meeting with our prospects I had an even greater feeling of achievement than normal.  After the appointments I met with my Sales Rep and we discussed what went well, what didn’t go as well as we hoped, and what we would do differently the next time.  As we did this I felt an even greater sense of achievement.  The entire time I was selling I was also helping to develop my new Sales Rep.

She is still very new, but she’s one of those people who’s focused on continued growth and learning.  Her career path will be limited only by her own imagination and dreams.  Being able to be someone who can help nudge her in the right direction and have a small impact on her future success is incredibly rewarding.  It means that every conversation I have with her I have to bring my A game so I don’t let her down or get in the way of her growth.

I’m incredibly grateful for all of the people who have helped to me develop, it is so satisfying to think that I may be able to have a similar impact on others to pay back what I owe to my mentors (with interest).

As I was heading back home after work I couldn’t help but smile thinking that I was able to put two of my favorite things together and accomplish both of them at once.  I’m thankful to have found an opportunity to do both.  Then I realized that they are both one in the same, they are both are a part of my purpose.


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