Day 15 – Thankful for Great Teachers

13 Oct

Today I am thankful for great teachers.

Tonight we had parent teacher conferences for our boys and as always, we were reminded how blessed the boys are to have an excellent group of teachers at Summit Elementary.  As the boys have now had over 15 different teachers there has yet to be one that wasn’t fantastic.  The school principal is among the best I’ve ever met, great values, strong passion for helping kids, and just flat out an excellent man.

So what is it in particular about the teachers that we’ve appreciated the most over the years?  Here’s a brief list:

  • They keep learning a fun thing via field trips and hands on experiences
  • They push our boys to be the best they can in all aspects
  • They truly have a passion for helping our boys grow and develop
  • They customize the teaching to meet the needs of each student
  • They are real people with excellent values

Tonight I got to know both of the teachers and was very much impressed.  Gavin’s teacher finds fun in Gavin’s endless energy, looks for ways to allow Gavin to share his ideas and experiences, helps him grow socially, and gets Gavin back on track when he needs it and in a very caring way that Gavin responds to.  Dominic’s teacher has gone out of her way to find new ways to keep him challenged, teaches him to be assertive and speak up when he needs more or less work, and is teaching him skills that will help him through out his life.  They both are excellent and caring teachers that we are so thankful to have.

Teachers are the people my boys spend more time with than Becky and I, and today I am so thankful that they both have excellent teachers yet again this year.


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