Day 13 – Thankful for Stars & Space

10 Oct

Today I’m thankful for the stars and space.Last night my best-est buddy (Gavin) and I camped out for Cub Scouts.  The weather was perfect and the sky was totally clear.  As we were walking back we took some time to stare into space.  The stars were awesome!  We saw a shooting star and a satellite.  We looked for constellations we recognized.

As we were looking up I couldn’t help but think about why the stars and space fill me with such wonder and put a smile on my face.

Is it because space is limitless?  Is it a reflection of all of the possibilities of life?  Boundless opportunity?

Is it because of its beauty?  The colors, the sparkling, the shapes, or the contrast of light and absolute black?

Is it because of the randomness?  The placement of stars in no perceptible pattern when we struggle to make sense and patterns of everything else in life?

Is it because of memories it brings back?  My first dreams?  Memories of laying on a quiet street looking up to watch shooting stars as a kid with my mom?

Is it hope?  The chance to see something unique, a shooting star, an eclipse, a satellite?  

Is it because I’m looking up and realizing I’m looking at something that could only have been made by God?  Proof of just how incredible His creation is?

Is it the vastness that makes me realize what a small piece I am in the fabric of everything?  How I’m most relevant as a piece of something greater?

Or is it most likely is it a part of all of these?  How amazing that one thing can be viewed thru so many different lenses, and all the views are right and contrasting at the same time.

And then, I stopped thinking and analyzing and I looked the stars and space as a child.  I didn’t think, I only felt.  Wonder.  Awe.  Amazement.  Happiness.

Maybe I need to stop thinking more often and just enjoy the moment.  Seems to work well for my best-est buddy.



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