Day 11 – Thankful for Fall Leaves

09 Oct

Today I am thankful for Fall leaves.


Today has been an excellent day.  Much was accomplished.  We had a training in Medford for our clients that didn’t go as well as hoped (100% on me, I just didn’t have the normal zip and will redeem myself tomorrow), but it provided excellent motivation for tomorrow’s.  There were many great conversations with friends, some focused on work, some focused on life, and some focused on both.  I had some great memories brought up from a past trip I made to the UP that helped me start to get my dreams and goals in order.  Tonight I’m in a hotel room without my wife…  I’m not thankful for that, but I am thankful for how nights away like this remind me of how important she is to me  and how much I miss her when she’s not with me.

Even with all of those things going on I’m thankful for the Fall leaves.  Driving from Medford to Wausau today left me stopping conversation in mid sentence to enjoy the beauty of the colors.  There was the occasional tree that was about as red as they could possibly be.  There were some that were in mid transition and almost looked like they were on fire with red tips on orange and yellow leaves.  At one point there were so many trees that were so orange my perspective of color started to get thrown off.  The leaves were absolutely beautiful.

While the busy-ness of life seems to normally take my focus it was great to take a few moments to enjoy the beauty of nature today.


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