Day 10 – Thankful for Happy Everyday Memories

08 Oct

Today I am thankful for happy everyday memories.

You know which ones I mean.  The ones that in the moment are so plain, so ordinary, so normal that they are easy to forget.  They could so easily get lost in our busy brains because of just how average they seem to be…  but they never go away.  They get burned into our brains and never go away.  They may fade or lay dormant for a while, but then there’s a little spark of something like a song, a smell, a taste, a color, a motion… Something that brings it back to the front of your brain without a moment’s notice.  As soon as it resurfaces you can’t even think about hiding the grin on your face and feeling the happiness that was captured in that moment.


This evening while talking with my mom she mentioned the word “grandparents,” and my brain immediately went to a time when I was 3 and sitting on the porch of my parents’ apartment building eating small chocolate chip cookies with my grandpa.

Nothing crazy, just a moment having a snack with my grandpa, but to this day it is one of the memories that makes me feel warm, full of love, content, and at peace.  I have so many wonderful memories of my grandpa and all the wonderful things he did for us, but this one random, ordinary moment is my iconic moment with him.  Eating cookies, talking, and smiling in the sun.

An ordinary moment that by all rights should’ve been forgotten, but hasn’t.  Did my grandpa intend on making a lifelong memory sitting on the steps?

Nope, it was an ordinary moment that was iconic of the values of my grandpa.  When we talked he was present and actively listening.  He had a huge smile and was happy.  He was giving.  He was warm and loving.

That’s why I’m thankful for these happy everyday memories.  We never know when we’re creating that memory for someone else or having a new one created for ourselves.


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