Day 9 – Thankful for Purpose

07 Oct

Today I am thankful for purpose.  Why is this the focus today?  It’s going to take a minute, but please bear with me.

Yesterday I had an opportunity to speak the MN Chamber of Commerce Manufacturers’ Summit in St Paul.  It was a fantastic experience that allowed me to learn some great ideas.

While heading to the conference I rode with our Chamber Pres and a former CEO of a very large Winona business.  It was great getting to know them better.  I still sometimes feel a little “unworthy” when meeting with CEOs like Tom and our conversation helped me over that tremendously.  Of course we talked business, but we covered everything else from family, values, vacations, and faith.  I’m sure we’ll be talking again in the future and I see him as a potential coach when I need some advice.

The presentation was a little different format than I’m used to so I had to condense it and partially change the message to fit.  It was great practice for me.  There were parts that went very well and there were other parts that left me realizing I could’ve used more practice.  

After the presentation I unexpectedly met the CFO of one of our largest clients.  They introduced themselves out of the blue and we were able to quickly establish a relationship.  We’ve been struggling to connect with their executive team, this was perfect!

In the middle of a rough patch today I received an email from one of the attendees.  It was a very well written and heartfelt thank you for the presentation that left me smiling from ear to ear.  The email couldn’t have come at a better time.

In addition I was also able to connect with several people that could either be future clients, references and coaches.  I never would’ve met these people had I not gone.

So why am I thankful for purpose?  Meeting a new coach & friend who’s a former CEO, practicing a new speaking format, meeting our large client’s CFO, getting an uplifting email, and making new contacts almost didn’t happen.  When I first got the invitation I had gone so far as to write an email declining the offer.

That’s when a team member asked me what I was writing with such a serious look on my face.    I explained and she asked me why the hell I would say no to an incredible opportunity like this.  “I’m too busy, there’s too many other things going on, I’ve got other stuff to focus on” were some of my excuses.  Yes, she said, but an opportunity like this is your purpose, why would you say no?  Isn’t your purpose the most important thing you can possibly be working on?  

She was right.  That was exactly what I needed to be focused on.  Remembering my purpose was what made this opportunity happen.  Had I not had a sense of purpose none of these things would’ve happened.


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