Day 8 – Thankful for Not Being Able to Sleep

06 Oct

Today I’m thankful for not being able to sleep.

Weird, huh?  Here’s the scoop.

After laying in bed for about 10-15 minutes last night I realized that there was no way I was falling asleep right away.  With an early alarm set for an early morning alarm I was way to jazzed up for a presentation in front of a couple of hundred people and my brain wasn’t going to shut down.

Instead of laying there and slowly going insane as the hours ticked away I decided to go for Plan B…  Go for a late night run.

It was great!  The day before I added an app to my phone that plays a story about being chased by zombies and having to run faster to evade them.  Think of listening to World War Z while running.  It was a blast and exactly what I needed.  I got totally lost in the story and was sprinting at random when I’d hear the sound of an oncoming zombie behind me.  Totally awesome, totally dorky, & totally what I needed.  After that run I slept like a champ (& no zombie dreams).  

Today I woke up totally refreshed and rocked the presentation I gave to 200+ people.  Had I just laid there I would’ve been frustrated,  probably skipped the morning run, and been a slug later.

Today I am thankful for not being able to sleep because it reminded me of an important life lesson.  Shit or get off the pot.  If you don’t like what’s happening don’t just wait for something to happen or change. do something about it and make something awesome happen.


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