Day 7 – Thankful for a Day with My Best-est Buddy

05 Oct


Today I am thankful for a great day with “My Best-est Buddy” Gavin.

Becky took Dominic to the Twin Cities for soccer and that meant Gavin and I had most of a day to ourselves.  If there’s one thing more scary than being stuck with me for a day, it’s spending a day with Gavin.

The little guy woke up in a great mood and was super helpful.  He convinced me to grab McD’s breakfast on our way to Sunday school.  True to form for both of us we realized we had forgotten his Sunday school stuff at home and had to make an immediate drive home to end up dropping him off a few minutes late.

After school was out he was in a great mood and we talked the whole way to the grocery store about what the name Gavin means (“White Hawk” in Irish?  Thanks Siri!).  We had a blast cracking jokes and cruising up and down the packed aisles that normally drive me absolutely insane.  Instead of getting stressed I enjoyed every crazy minute.  The kid was helpful, polite, grateful…  Still crazy and fun, but nothing but awesome.

He never hesitated in helping me unload groceries.  We then got his Cub Scout uniform on and we hit the streets selling popcorn.  He did all the work, all I did was help show him which houses to go to.  The whole time he was polite and engaging and showed no fear of knocking on doors.  I might have to recruit him for a career down the road.  Even cooler, he is totally in on helping Dominic and I shovel snow for some neighbors that are having health issues.  As he said, “We won’t even ask for money, we’ll just do it to be helpful.”

We ran some more errands, joked around the whole way, and the little guy was his normal Gavin self as he slyly slid a pack of Twix into our pile of items that we were scanning to check out.  Didn’t say anything, he just shot me a big Gavin smile.  Somedays I’d have been ready to holler, today I was totally amused.

He then proceeded to help me clean the car with a smile.  Even after a couple of neighbor kids came over and asked him to play he kept helping me out, even without me asking him to help.  The kid was a happy go lucky cleaning machine.

The rest of night he was great.  He took a shower without complaint, tried my chili, and was just flat out happy.  We ended the night watching Star Trek 2…


So what was it about today that was so different?  Was he just in a better mood today?  Was Gavin just a little more or less Gavin-ish than normal?  Nope, it was all in my attitude.  I’ve been looking forward to today and woke up being excited to spend time with him.  Gavin always calls me his “Best-est Buddy” and today I woke up wanting to be that for him.

The days when I catch myself being driven up a wall by him I need to remember today, choose my attitude, and enjoy the time I blessed to have with my Best-est Buddy.


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