Day 6 – Thankful for a Great Sermon

04 Oct

Today I am thankful for a great sermon.

Our church recently received a new priest who has an incredible gift and delivers a powerful, insightful, and thought provoking sermon.  Without getting too much into my personal beliefs, I’m all in for the homily.  That’s the part of service that gets me excited to go to church.  Every week I’m hoping for a sermon that will have that right message for me at the right time.  Tonight our priest delivered in grand fashion.


I was very blessed to have an excellent priest who was nothing short of extraordinary in his ability to get my mind thinking.  Father Mark’s sermons were always spot on, full of passion, had moments of humor, and a way to make me feel completely comfortable in feeling how uncomfortable I felt when thinking about my own flaws (does that make sense?).  He pushed us to think about things differently and in many cases we may realize where we had a gap between who we are and who we are called to be.  The sermons usually reminded us of the good we do, but remember that life is a constant focus on improving.

Father Mark was great enough to email me the text of his sermon on several of the occasions where his message hit home even more than normal.  Then we found out he was be moved to another church and delivered what I feel was the best sermon I will ever hear.

A handful of years later we have an excellent speaker again who tonight focused on marriage.  He brought up some interesting thoughts to consider, especially focusing on how the lack of a combined / shared faith life is one of the biggest reasons for divorce.  Pretty much hits the nail on the head…  Not just marriage, but life in general.  When I stop taking time to focus on my faith it’s crazy how much more stress I have and mistakes I make.  Which leads me to the reason for this being today’s focus…

The past few months have been full of many ups and downs in work and life.  My life seems to be busier and more complex than ever.  My faith was one of the first things I pushed to the side in order to make time for everything else. Today I’m thankful for a great sermon that helped me re-prioritize where my thoughts should be first.

Thank you!

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