Day 5 – Thankful for Unplugging

03 Oct

Today I’m thankful for being able to unplug.

I took the day off today to hang out with some friends at Oktoberfest and have a great time.  It was a blast!  Nothing too crazy or out of control, but tons of fun.

While I absolutely love my career and pour everything into it, it is nice to be able to shut off the phone, kick back and relax and not think about work.  Instead my friends and I discussed everything from potential TV series (D Bag Island – featuring Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump on an island alone with no one else but a camera), to stories of kids, to memories of fantastic trips together, to why Pearl Jam is the greatest band ever.  It was great!  A chance to complete decompress and chillax.

I’m very thankful to my teams that kept everything running while I was taking a much needed day off and am pretty sure they enjoyed the day off from me.

The ability to shut down for 24+ hours is fantastic once in a while and only possible because of the excellent teammates we have in each office.  The only regret on the day is that I didn’t convince Becky to take the day off too. I’m feeling very much re-charged and ready to go at work again!  Thank you also to all the friends I hung out with and saw today!

Thank you!

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