Day 4 – Thankful for People Who Tell Me I’m Wrong

02 Oct

Today I am thankful for people who tell me I’m wrong.  It sounds crazy right?  Why would you be thankful for people who tell you that you are wrong, point out your flaws, or show you how you’ve screwed something up?  Because those are the people who truly care about you…  Or are just flats out jerks…  Pretty sure you can tell the difference. 🙂

So here’s the scoop, I was told the following today:

  • You really look tired and out of it today.  What’s up?
  • That was a really bad idea.
  • I think you’re wrong on that one.
  • You’re too hard on yourself.
  • Your head and heart are in the right place, but you’re not considering…
  • That’s a horrible idea.
  • You should never say that again.

Some of those are pretty harsh, right?  Tough to hear, right?  The first one was after waking up at 3:45am and driving 2 hours.  You know what my very first emotional mental response was?  “SCREW YOU!!!  Do you have any idea how freakin’ early I woke up this morning???”

I swallowed those words back down and realized what was really being said to me… “This meeting is a big deal, are you ready to go or what?”  My team member wasn’t being a jerk, she wanted to make sure I was ready to go…  Which honestly, I wasn’t.  After taking a deep breath and figuring out what she meant helped me wrap my head around the gravity of the situation.  Who cares if I’m tired or not, she and the entire team have been busting their butts to make progress on a potentially huge client and it didn’t look like I was ready to bring my A game.  They’ve worked insanely hard, it’s time for me to bring it and be my absolute best for my appointment.  She was right, and her words helped get me on track.  Together we hit a home run with the client and are on a path of seriously awesome results for this client.

Later in the day I was frustrated with a couple of things and had many of the other phrases fired at me in a relatively short drive session.  I was trying to have a “Woe is me” session and my teammate wasn’t letting that happen.  As I would fire poor excuses or lazy solutions she responded with the rest of the answers.  Painful to hear, but totally necessary to keep me in line and get me re-focused in the right direction.

So why am I thankful for people like these two teammates?  They say things like that to help us, not hurt us.  They are the people that care for us and love us enough to be courageous and tell us when we’re wrong.  It’s easy to go along with what your boss is saying, it’s incredibly difficult to tell them they are wrong.  Remember to respect those who will be honest with you throughout tough times, they are your true friends and really care about you and your best interests.

As we all go through life it’s easy to take the route of surrounding us with people who’ll tell you what you want to hear.  It is much more difficult to confront the truths about our ideas that are wrong.  Hearing the truth makes us feel naked and uncomfortable.  When we feel that way we must remember that when we are feeling uncomfortable we are truly growing.

Thank you to everyone who tells me I’m wrong.  I might not always say it right away, but I greatly appreciate your comments.  Please push me over the next few weeks and let me know when I’m wrong.

Thank you!

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