Day 3 – Thankful for Crushed Dreams 

01 Oct

Today I’m thankful for crushed dreams.  Seriously.  Sounds crazy but I really am, and here’s why.

Exactly 16 years ago today I had a dream crushed, obliterated and destroyed.  There was a girl that I had an absolutely HUGE crush on.  Try as I might, I was never able to win her over.  She finally relented and agreed to go to my brother’s wedding with me.

This was exactly what I was working towards!  3+ hours of car time alone with her, a romantic couple of days, another 3+ hour car ride and then we’d be a couple… Guaranteed.

Then, the day before we were supposed to leave town she backed out.  Crushed… Totally crushed…  The 3+ hour car ride was filled with what my son Dominic refers to as “tragic music,” bitterness, frustration, anger, and loneliness.  The dream was crushed and so was I.  I got to my parent’s house the next night and was ready for a weekend of heavy drinking and disappointment.  

Then the damnest thing happened at the wedding on Saturday…  Some really cute girl standing up in the wedding across from me was looking at me and I smiled.  She smiled back with a smile that changed my world forever and helped me set a whole new collection of dreams.  After crazily pursuing her with some fantastically horrible pick up lines I was finally able to get her phone number and set a date for us the next weekend.  And the rest is history… 

Sometimes we’re not sure that the dream we have is right for us.  Sometimes the dreams we have may be right for a moment but not forever.  Sometimes dreams are meant to last eternity.  

I am forever thankful that one girl crushed my dreams and made room for the girl of my dreams.   The girl of my dreams has helped me dream bigger and better than I would’ve without her.


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