Day 2 – Thankful for People Who Have a Passion for Helping Others

30 Sep


Today I am thankful for individuals who have a passion for helping others. Earlier today one of my team members shared a wonderful story of helping a person who came to us looking for work.

My teammate interviewed this woman and saw some great strengths that she could bring to the table for a new employer.  There was a spot that appeared to be a great fit for and my teammate sent her resume to the business.  The person responsible for making the hiring decision decided that her resume didn’t fit the bill of what she was looking for and turned the person down.  This is where this story normally ends.

Here’s where my thankfulness for my teammate came in.  It would have been very easy for my teammate to accept the rejection and move on.  Instead of just giving the candidate the bad news she got in touch with the decision maker and spent a great deal of time explaining all the ways the candidate would be the right fit for this role.  Begrudgingly the client relented and agreed to an interview.

After the interview our client quickly decided that this candidate would be a great addition to the team and called my teammate.  When she explained the offer they’d like to make to our candidate my teammate was able to convince the to offer our candidate a dollar more per hour than their original offer due to the strengths she brought to their team.

As you can imagine, our candidate was absolutely ecstatic and is now working at the client.

So why did my teammate advocate for our associate when it meant extra work for herself?  You could say that it was maybe for commission.  You could maybe think it was to make her production numbers look good.  You could probably come to many conclusions that involve helping herself, but none of them would even be close.

What drives this teammate is her absolute passion for helping people.  If you ever hear this story directly from her you’ll notice that she’s never bragging herself up or making herself the focal point of the story.  She’s purely sharing how happy she is that this woman who didn’t have a job and didn’t have people believe in her now has an opportunity for a great career (and at a better pay rate!).  My teammate is driven by her passion to help others that has been proven over and over again.  Her passion is an incredible motivation to me and reminds me of the biggest reason I choose to be in our profession.

Thank you!!!

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